New Year, New You?

So, a New Year.  New you (so they say!)  Did you make any New Year resolutions?  I didn’t this year, but did make the choice late last year to start selling and promoting my crafty wares.  So I guess that counts as an early resolution!

I’ve always loved crafts, both to look at and buy as an eager visitor to Craft Fairs and also as someone who loves to go on courses and try something new.  There are many fabulously artistic people out there to draw inspiration from.
Although I have done little bits of sewing and embroidery for many years, I’m relatively new to knitting and crochet, but have become (excuse the pun!) hooked on them all.  As a novice, I still have plenty to learn and am always seeking out lovely new projects to work on.  I’ve even designed my first knitting pattern (see my Products page for my Christmas Puddings!)
It can be difficult starting up a new business, especially when, like me, you also work full-time. However, if it is doing something that you love, it doesn’t seem to be so much of a drag.  Apart from looking at the blogs of other inspirational crafters, I have found one book particularly useful in considering all the pitfalls and joys inherent in running your own business, find it here – if you have a Kindle it’s an absolute bargain.
My poor cat Ella thinks that far too much time has been wasted with either the evil laptop or with bits of fluff and yarn that she’s not allowed to play with.  She has become a bit clingy as you can see below!

Don’t tell her, but I’ve saved her a bit of yarn to play with, once she’s finished decimating my Christmas tree of all the baubles.
So what is your crafty New Year resolution?  Finish that UFO that has been hanging around forever, start a new project or tidy up your stash?  I’d love to hear from you.
Lou x

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