My Top 10 Crafting Trends for 2014

After treating myself to a subscription to Craftseller Magazine, I have been getting a bit over-excited with my crafting plans, so I thought I would collate my top 10 crafting trends for 2014…

1. Crochet is making a huge comeback – I started a year ago and love it.  It works up so much more quicker than knitting.  Thousands of free designs for inspiration here on Ravelry

2. Woodland wildlife are still going to be massive in 2014 – foxes and owls are still around but also others including badgers and stags.  I love this pattern, free from Craftsy – knitted acorn

3. Blue, sunny yellow, soft grey and soft purple – think of the Facebook blue and this purple from Pantone

4. Big Stitches, Big Yarn are still in vogue – I have to try this monochrome cushion from Stitch Craft Create

5. Stitching onto crochet or knitting – such as Swiss Darning, Embroidery and even Cross Stitch – check out this Pinterest board for ideas

6. Metallics, especially woven in as an additional thread – this lovely thread can be woven in without changing the thread weight – from Drops 

7. Soft sorbet shades such as these beautiful hearts I made with Mum.

8. Big florals with a more retro/vintage feel like this gorgeous cushion from Laura Ashley

9. Bunting – but this time knitted or crocheted – all shapes from hearts and circles to the more traditional triangles – love the inspiration from this blog by Sandra

10. Making crafts for crafters – there are some lovely ideas in issue 14 of Simply Crochet this month – I think I may need to get another subscription!!

Lou x


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