Making time to craft!

It’s always difficult to fit in everything in a busy life, especially when you work full-time.  I am holding out for retirement (OK, so I have at least another 25 years to go), but a girl can dream!

Getting time to craft is always at a premium…  The most difficult thing I find is having time to design and test original designs, so it’s always a relief to supplement my own ideas with those of my Mum, who always has spectacular taste and talent.  Just look at these mini origami sewing kits…

But another resource I have found recently is Craftseller Magazine – a variety of crafts, but they are all copyright-free ideas – find them on Craftseller Magazine.

And copyright is a delicate issue, no-one wants their original ideas copied and mass produced, but some of the designers on Ravelry are very generous in sharing their ideas.  But please proceed with caution – you can only do this if it is made clear in their pattern / blog, such as the wonderful Owl designs of Josephine Wu – I can’t wait to have a go at these!

So now I’ve got some projects to start on, I need to find some time to do them.  I also have some of my tried and tested patterns which I am I getting more experienced at and am producing much more quickly than I did previously, such as my 100% cotton flannels.

I find it most enjoyable and inspirational when designing and making things with someone else, so when I have some holiday it’s off to see Mum and some intensive crafting…  But crafting is so relaxing and enjoyable, so I try to find as much time as I can.  Thankfully the dark evenings and horrible weather mean I may get some time this weekend.  What will you be working on?

Lou x


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