My First Craft Fair…

Am particularly looking forward to this weekend – on Saturday I am taking part in my first Craft Fair. This will be in the very arty town of Frome in Somerset with D&K Crafts – I can’t wait!

When I was in my teens, Mum and I used to do Craft Fairs regularly and we really enjoyed them.  Looking back I can remember starting off doing a little bit of cross stitch and dried flower arrangements, which were very popular at the time (showing my age now…)

Then we moved into doing what is now called Victorian Decoupage – my Uncle was a carpenter and made the most fantastic letter racks, bins and boxes for us, but we would also scour any car boot sales for tin or wooden objects which we could prime, paint and apply paper to.  Oh these were happy days!

We never saw anyone else doing this so we expanded into a little bit of gilding and cracking the paints and rubbing in raw umber to give them an aged look.  I recently found some of my Decoupage things and it got me thinking about making something for myself.

I am finding sewing, knitting and crochet to be so relaxing and a great tonic for my down-time after work.  This week I have been mostly creating some new designs, some of which are a bit secret (for now!) but these simple felt hearts will be a welcome addition to my stall.  I was only going to make a few but ended up with nearly a dozen, it was very moreish!!

Thankfully I have had some help in all of this from the naughty paws of my cat Ella, who has decided to take refuge in my fabric bag.  As you can see from the guilty face, she was awaiting a telling-off, but I found it so funny she wasn’t quite sure what to do with herself!

I will post an update after Saturday and would be glad to hear any Craft Fair tips – I think that will be my next Top 10 to post over the weekend…

Happy crafting!

Lou x


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