Spring inspiration!

After a manic few weeks, the first spring-like day that I have had free I thought I would visit the beautiful Courts Garden in Holt and share the wonderful spring flower and nature pictures I took there…

These primroses brightened up my morning – the colours were so soft and yet vivid.  

Beautiful carpets of bluebells, daffodils, grape hyacinths and snowdrops – classic spring flowers which were a real joy to see.  I find being in the midst of nature always brightens your mood and clears your head!

These two were more unusual to me – Siberian Squill (Scilla Siberica) – looks very similar to a bluebell but seems to me more elegant – this colour is apparently very in this year – I may go and look for some fabric in this gorgeous shade of blue!
The Snakes Head Fritillary on the right looked so delicate, I wondered how it coped in the high winds. The head gardener had asked everyone to check them for red mites which may be very damaging, so I had a close look but thankfully couldn’t see any…

My friends on the wonderful Gardeners World Magazine forum helped remind me of the name of these lovely sun-drenched flowers – Hellebores.  I have some of these in my garden, but the large-scale planting here was amazing.

Lots of inspiration here for spring projects with these hyacinths and anemones.  The sunshine and vivid colours have given me a bit of a boost to fire up the imagination!
Happy crafting!
Lou x


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