Evolving and improving your craft stall

Good morning all, Happy Easter!

It’s a wonderfully sunny day here in Wiltshire, but I thought I’d take time out to revisit a previous post regarding craft stalls.
As a relative novice to craft stalls there are many things I still have to learn.  Looking back at my stalls I’ve felt that they have evolved, but there are still many areas which I can improve on!
My post ‘Top 10 Ideas To Boost Your Stall at Craft Fairs’ had some useful tips on it that I collated from several books and websites, recurring themes which seemed to be practical and hopefully easy to implement.

This first image is of my first stall – unfortunately I had a very busy backdrop to contend with, no real branding and struggled with it being a bit busy.  I found it very hard to judge how everything would look as I didn’t practice at home with the set-up first.  This is still something I need to learn (as I will attest to later!)

The next two pictures are from a slightly later stall (Lou La Belle 2.0!) – although I’ve learnt a few lessons – using more height and spacing out the products – which was thankfully easy due to the size and layout of the stall, I still have a lot of progress to make…  You can see my branding (crochet Lou La Belle letters) just above my poor Mumsie, who was very unwell but still came up to help me with the stall.  Love you Mumsie!

The next stall is from a Craft Fair only a couple of weeks later, but this was very difficult as I had limited options for height and much less space (and no Mumsie to help me!)  Despite this I got a lot of positive feedback and a few big sales here.  I also worked on my branding – particularly pushing my personalised crochet and other bunting with a pin board.  However I still felt very amateurish…

My next stall was only last week – with a rethink about height and the help of my fabulous brother, I managed to get some expandable trellis and attach it to the sides of the table, this freed up space on my tabletop for more products.

This is the ‘cake stand’ my brother made me – in MDF – and it is collapsible into different sections which slot together.  I am absolutely thrilled with it and it really showed off the Japanese-style Origami Bags to their full potential.  

However, I didn’t have enough time to set the stall up and left not only my pinboard with all the personalised bunting on it, but also one box of products at home.  So there is still much to learn and when I look back at my previous post on the Top 10 hints for Craft Fairs, I have made some improvements in height, theme, props, labelling and branding, but have to work on the other elements and above all, practice at home so when I set up I feel more confident and in control!

I’d love to see or hear from you any ideas you have used – successfully or not!  I also have a number of inspirational ideas on my Pinterest board.

Happy crafting!

Lou x


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