Top 10 – Summer Seasonal Craft Trends

I was thinking back to my earlier post about the Top 10 Crafting Trends for 2014 – now I think it’s time for an update with the latest ideas I have seen out and about!
1. Jewel Colours – rich and warm, these colours never seem to go out of fashion.  Check out Radiant Orchid which is Pantone’s colour of the year – beautiful!  I have some beautiful wool in these kind of shades in my stash which I bought at great expense – hand dyed and spun by a very talented lady in Essex.  I have a pattern to make a shawl with it, but I think Mum wants me to make it for her – hmm…

2. Free Motion Embroidery – this is everywhere now – check out courses at The Makery in Bath – it’s very addictive, as Kirstie Allsopp always testifies on her shows…

3. Opulent fabrics – this silk cushion from good ol’ Marks & Spencer is a joy to behold.  It reminds me of the beautiful Mulberry coloured silk which Mum bought me – I will use it, but it’s so fine (1ply but knits as 4ply) I’m not sure what to make with it.  I have 600m of it to use so any ideas would be gratefully received.  Of course, I could always look on the fabulous Ravelry advanced pattern search…

4. Scandi – the pared-down, cool-as-you-like Scandinavian influences can be seen everywhere.  My most beloved of shops, John Lewis, has a fabulous palette of neutrals with a twist – from furniture to little trinkets of loveliness!

5. Seaside – tying in with the Scandi theme, I wish that I had taken out shares in Tilda – her latest book has plenty of ideas for lovely sea-inspired themes.  And Mum made this lovely piece of bunting inspired by the beach huts along the seafront in Worthing where I grew up (at the top of this shot)…

6. Amigurumi – love ’em or hate ’em, they’re still around…  Personally I love amigurumi (Japanese for knitted / crocheted stuffed toy) but I have only just started making them.  These little Friendly Monsters derived from this design by Alison Hoffman – the variations are endless!

7. Needle Felting – this has taken off out of nowhere it seems, but is so beautiful and can be very realistic – check out my Pinterest board.  I’m waiting to do a course on this but have bought a kit to try for Mum and I when we get a chance to get together.

8. Hessian – my friend Emma at Young at Heart uses it to great effect in her wedding and gift ideas – from personalised bunting to wreaths and even blinds!

9. T-Shirt Yarn – I must admit to being desperate to try this – yarn made from offcuts of garments – I’ve seen several projects in my magazines – hopefully I will get the chance to try some Hooked Zpaghetti!

10. Cats – OK I admit to being a mad cat lady, but I am seeing a lot of cats around at the moment. These cat cushions from Marks & Spencer are super-cute!  And this notebook from mypipsqueak on Etsy is adorable.  I want one.  Now.

And if that wasn’t enough, my delightful feline companion Ella has been getting up to high jinks here, there and everywhere.

Found somewhere to sleep.


What!?  I’m not allowed to sleep in your bags bag?


Woh!  Extreme close-up!

What is my mummy doing?

Are you sure I’m not allowed in here?

I’m growing a new type of pet/vegetable. 

It’s called a Catato. 

It grows in a sack, just like this one. 

One the one hand it is healthy and delicious; on the other hand lively and talkative, if a little naughty…

Well that’s all for now – I’m going to rescue Ella from the windowsill now where she is looking distinctly grumpy.  Happy crafting!

Lou x


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