Kindness and crafting go hand in hand!

Afternoon all!

What a beautiful day it was yesterday in so many ways – I had a stall at Made in Bradford-on-Avon Market – the weather was beautiful, I was (thankfully) in the shade and met some charming people.
Here are the latest photos of my stall – I was lucky to have some extra space as someone had dropped out, and borrowed a freestanding trellis which showed off my personalised bunting.

I did really well and had several commissions as a result of the day – it’s lovely to think that I’ve got to the stage when I am experienced enough – especially in crochet – to offer a bespoke service…  And also I feel I have found my perfect niche market.  
In the background you can see the stall of the multi-talented Jan Steele from Truffleicious – a wonderful truffle maker as well as painter and photographer. 
The main point of my blog today is to illustrate just how a small act of kindness can make such a difference – I was considering getting some professional photos of my products and Jan offered to do this as a favour to me.  I thought that this was extremely generous of her and it got me thinking about paying it forward and doing a good deed in return…
Recently the invaluable Craftseller Magazine did a special supplement with various projects you could make and sell to benefit various charities.  I starting thinking about who I most wanted to support and decided after having seen a recent programme about the Normandy war veterans which moved me to tears, that I would start to make some poppies for the Royal British Legion ready for Remembrance Day in November (yes I know it’s only June but am planning for Autumn / Halloween already – more to come on that later in the week!)
This fabulous design is from a Ravelry pattern by McAree Brothers and can be made for charitable purposes.  So I’ve got my crochet hook at the ready and will be doing my good deed in return!
I’d be interested to hear if anyone else has been making any crafty goods for charity or has any ideas for paying it forward, I’d love to hear your stories!
Right now I’m off to enjoy the afternoon in the garden and plan some crafting for the week ahead…
Happy crafting!
Lou x

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