Best laid plans…

What a busy couple of weeks!  
After having family to stay and another event where my Crochet Poppies and Doughnut Pincushions went down very well, I’ve had time to sit and take stock of plans for the rest of the year…
My plans have changed slightly, and for this I have to blame the gorgeous Paolo Nutini – if you don’t know of him already, check out his latest album Caustic Love, widely being touted as the best British soul album since the 70’s.  My favourite so far is ‘Let me down easy’ – pure bliss!  He is playing on Halloween in Cardiff – quite a journey from my home in Wiltshire…  
However, it means I will miss out on Fabric Fusion, a big fair for crafters, which is on the next day. This was a big decision to make, as I had plans, fuelled by my discussions with crafters (more of that to come in a future blog!)  
These included making some more items for crafters – the granny square ones were originally made as lavender sachets, but with some modifications they make sweet pincushions.  The macaroon ones are based on an adaptation of this Craftseller pattern.  With the extra stuffing I like to think they’re a little more like UFOs – in fact, I was crocheting them whilst watching Close Encounters of the Third Kind!

Now I have a few days off, so plenty of time for crafting and to get more inspiration – I may do a little visit to one of my local National Trust favourites, The Courts Garden in Holt, where I took these pictures in the Spring…

So, more to come, once I’ve reformulated my plans I will be invincible!  Or, at least, ready for the challenges to come from having changed my plans.  Damn you, Paolo!  (I’m off to listen to the album again…)
Happy crafting!
Lou x

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