Curb Your Woolly Impulses!

Evening all!

Retail therapy – it’s a wonderful thing isn’t it!

All crafty types will know that this is taken to extremes sometimes with just a little bit more of that lovely fabric, or that wool which you have no idea what to do anything with – but it is soooo pretty…

I’ve been planning my Autumn / Christmas ranges and could have gone quite bonkers this month with buying in more and more (and more again!).  However, I have a holiday coming up and need to save some funds, so I’ve been quite restrained (well, that is fairly restrained for me)…

2014-07-31 18.35.17

I’ve finally treated myself to some Hoooked Zpagetti – this amazing yarn is made from recycled t-shirts and comes in a huge roll – it’s really fun to work with a size 12 wooden hook, but it is a real workout for the arms as you struggle to keep the tension even!

The resulting baskets I’ve made, from a pattern by Lucia Lanukas on Ravelry are just the right size to store some balls of wool, or even as storage for a bathroom or as a little basket of handmade gifts for a friend or family member.  I’m so thrilled with them I want to make some for myself (and the orders are already flying in!)

2014-08-07 18.02.07

The other lovely yarn in the top photo is Lily Sugar n Cream Ombres from Wool Warehouse.  I was very unsure about trying this cotton yarn as I love Drops Paris and am loathe to use anything else…  However this self patterning yarn gave such a beautiful effect on this Crochet Hook Roll from a pattern Alli Hyer on Ravelry that I have most definitely changed my mind.  I may take some of this on holiday to while away the hours!

Crochet Hook Roll

Crochet Hook Roll

I can wax lyrical about Wool Warehouse as they have the best customer service I’ve seen in many years, together with rock-bottom prices.  A few months ago I had a craft fair coming up and had accidentally ordered the wrong colour of Drops Paris – I realised that I needed a few other colours quickly – so I called them and they shipped out that same afternoon, I received it quickly and disaster was averted!

Now I have to get myself sorted for the next few things I want to make and try not to over-order or get too distracted.  Having said that, Deramores are now stocking Lopi from Iceland, which is my most favourite country (well, perhaps shared with France).  Oh dear, I fear another virtual shopping expedition is upon me!

Happy crafting

Lou x


5 thoughts on “Curb Your Woolly Impulses!

  1. anna says:

    Your entire blog is filled with beautiful colours. Love the individual projects, esp the Christmas puds!


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