Quick Crafty Update

What a manic weekend!

Had a wonderful time with Mum and we did well at the Christmas Craft Fair in Marlborough…

Apologies for the poor quality photos, am still getting used to my new phone!

IMG_20141115_140237 IMG_20141115_140215


Mum was on top form – she spied very quickly that the table next to us was empty and we only had an hour until opening.  She quietly collared the organiser and asked if we could use the table if the person didn’t turn up.

Ten minutes later he came back and the table was ours, so we could really spread out.  We did pretty well despite the fact that it was fairly quiet…

I have two more Christmas Craft Fairs next week – one at work, just a small one, and another on Saturday AND Sunday which scares me a little bit at the moment!

Hopefully another update this weekend…

Happy crafting!


Lou x


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