Vintage Craft Style – Part I

Good afternoon all!

I am feeling a little guilty at my lazy geek weekend, so thought I would share some of my fabulous vintage craft finds from recent months.  I have started attending a local car boot sale every Sunday with my lovely friend Anna, and have really enjoyed trawling the stalls for crafty goodies…

For the uninitiated, car boot sales are where us Brits congregate to sell our unwanted goodies.  We all congregate in a field (or in this case a car park!)  They tend to be mostly held in the summer but the one I attend near Frome in Somerset runs all year round.

Anna and I (and of course her cheeky 4 year old Mikey) have become such regulars that several of the stall holders who attend on a weekly basis point out things that they think we might like.  One of my first purchases were these lovely 1930s embroidery books.


These magazines are just so fantastic, I’m not sure I’m ever going to part with them!




Dated 1952 – 1959 they were an absolute steal!  When I showed them to one of the regulars she said she thought she had some bits at home that I might have been interested in…  This lead to these cute bits and bobs, as my friend Mikey says…

IMG_20150201_111011 IMG_20150201_111035


These are so wonderful and of their time, hopefully on my week off I will have some time to enjoy them!  Amazing to think that the Patons part of P&B (Patons and Baldwins) is still a household name, after the merger with Coats (another big name in textiles).

The next two purchases are two of my favourites – Coats again with some lovely crochet doilies.  This takes me back to my (70s) childhood – my Nan had crochet coasters and doilies everywhere, including those ones over the sugar bowl with beads weighting down the edges.  Those were the days!!

That crocheted dress is so funky, I’d love to have a go at that and the handbags, perhaps using some of the modern t-shirt yarns such as Hoooked Zpaghetti.



Finally, I have some more modern 80s patterns, which are just hilarious!  The faces of the children scream “oh my god, what are we wearing!” but of course, having lived through it, in the most part I think the 80s is the decade that fashion forgot (or should forget!) – batwing sleeves, huge shoulder pads, blue eyeliner and puffball skirts – I rest my case!

IMG_20150201_111449 IMG_20150201_111416

I would love to have lived with the fashions of anything up to the 70s, perhaps the 50s and early 60s is my favourite (Juliette Binoche in Chocolat is my style icon!)

I’d be interested in hearing what decade you would have liked to have lived in – and have you (or would you) make any of these projects?

Happy crafting!

Lou x


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