Bad cats!

I have not quite had time to deliberate over my lovely day at the Knitting and Stitching Show at Olympia on Sunday, so thought I would fill in with a quick post of the most naughty cat moments from the cats in my family.

We’ve always owned cats and are quite used to their weird and wonderful behaviours, but this lot take the (cat) biscuit!

First up are Mum’s rescue cats Mischa and Timor.  They are Balinese – he looks like a Siamese and she looks more like a Burmese to me.  He is extremely laid back and will let you do pretty what you want.  This Christmas he was adorned with a festive ribbon for most of the day but in this picture is sporting a rather fetching ruff a la Shakespeare, fashioned from a Christmas hat.




Mischa is a fussy little madam but with a very sweet nature.  She has a penchant for washing – I’m sure in a previous life she was a washer woman.  If she’s not sitting on the freshly laundered clothes, she’s directing my parents in the garden from the washing basket.




These two have their cheeky foibles, but in terms of sheer naughtiness they are lagging behind my cat Ella.  She is also a rescue cat and is very affectionate, but a complete attention-seeker.  Not just cardboard boxes for my Ella, oh no, she will get into any receptacle!


My First Craft Fair...


This is one of my reusable shopping bags – it’s nice and sturdy and rustles.  It also happens to be cat-sized!  Maybe Ella has a secret shopping habit, as I later found her amongst my recycling bags!




Last spring / summer was very warm in Wiltshire so I decided to plan to grow so fruit and veg – I didn’t however reckon on growing Catatoes as these sacks have now been dubbed.


Top 10 - Summer Seasonal Craft Trends



Finally I have many demands on my time but still enjoy finding the time to crochet.  When I get this sort of face it makes me feel guilty, but not guilty enough to stop!







Happy crafting!

Lou x




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