Off to Devon for a Craft Fair!

Just a quick update – I have had a busy week planning for a Craft Fair in Chagford, Devon tomorrow.

I am so looking forward to it – my friend Anna and I are going to enjoy ourselves whatever happens…

I’m taking some of my favourite little things with me, ready to clear space for new makes!  My friendly monsters will come to keep me company (and frighten a few sensitive souls along the way)…




The gorgeous Origami bags, influenced from the Far East are also coming with me, whilst we are heading Westward (Ho!)…





My Macaroon Pin Cushions are sweet and calorie free – they are packed and ready to go…



Best laid plans...


My Scottie Dogs are feeling a bit ruff (sorry!) but have decided to make the journey (sticking their heads out of the window the whole way, no doubt)…






And finally these lovely fabric hearts, made with batik prints, sari silk and other glitzy fabrics and trimmings will hopefully melt some hearts…





So, fingers crossed we both do well and I’ll post an update on my return!

Happy crafting!


Lou x


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