Bad Cats… Part Deux

Back in March I published a post on the bad cats in my family.  I thought my Ella was bad, but Mum and Dad’s Balinese cats Timmy and Mimi take the (cat) biscuit…

Much beloved, these cats are all full of personality and naughtiness.  They are very sweet-natured but so jolly naughty!

Timmy is a typical boy cat – not particular big in the brains department, a real softy who tries to pretend to be Mr Big but actually doesn’t have the brains nor the bravery to carry it off.  He is the real-life embodiment of the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz (with the Scarecrow’s brain!)


photo (5)

You ain’t seen, me – right!

GetAttachment (36)

Wake up and smell the roses (well, Chrysanthemums!)









Mimi on the other hand is so clever and sometimes sneaky.  She has worked out all of the angles, how she can do as little as possible with the biggest reward.  She does, however, have an Achilles’ Heel – what I like to call…  Bag-gate.

Stick a plastic bag anywhere in the house and she will find it, get in it, lick it and get very distressed if you take it away from here.  Witness this Hall of Kitty Shame.


GetAttachment (23)

Ha ha! Can’t see me!


GetAttachment (22)

Honestly Mum, what have you got in here?


GetAttachment (21)

Does this contain real robins? I like robins.


She also has my folks wrapped around her little paw.  She has a routine with Dad every morning, where she waits for him to finish his cereal and then she has the leftover Goats Milk (weirdo cat alert!)

As you can see from these shocking images, sometimes the wait is too long.  As The Kinks famously sang (so) Tired of Waiting


GetAttachment (30)

OK, be cool. The milk is coming.


GetAttachment (29)

But when?









GetAttachment (31)

At last. I could have died of starvation in the meantime!

GetAttachment (32)

Slurp, slurp. Success at last!









If Dad isn’t quick enough she puts her paw on the bowl and tips it towards her mouth.  So, so bad!

I am now making preparations for a cocktail and karaoke night so this will have to be the end of my kitty tail (sorry!) for now…

Happy catting!


Lou x


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