Instagram – my new best buddy

Last week I attended an event – an Etsy Craft Party – in Bristol.  There were many held across the country – to get together all the local artists and makers that have shops on Etsy to share information and learn tips and tricks useful to us.

Needless to say we had a bit of fun as well!  We took some of the props outside and got a lot of attention – it’s amazing how a band of ladies with giant balloons can make a scene…  Bristol has a rich artistic history, especially on the street, (just look at Banksy!) so we posed in front of some of the street art.

When I saw the pink spangly wall (below) I blurted out “this wall reminds me of unicorns and rainbows!” – having a rather bizarre Bunnynuts moment there…  But my two Etsy comrades in front of the wall blend in rather beautifully with their balloons.


We had some really useful talks on photography, taking short videos to promote your Etsy Shop and on using Instagram.

I found this one particularly inspiring – I have had an Instagram account for more than a year and I didn’t know really how to use it or whether it was for me…

Safe to say, now I am an Instagram addict!  It really appeals to me and, I hope, will be a place where people can get to see my work and also get a sense of who I am and how my craft evolves.

So please go and check it out and any tips or tricks I would be grateful to know!

This is my Instagram link!




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