About Me

I’d like to think of myself as a craft-mad Astronomy geek with a penchant for randomness…

However I’m told I’m a Curate’s Egg.  Sounded exciting until I realised that it wasn’t exactly a compliment…

My Mum says it’s always about the tutu with me.  No, don’t get any ideas.  I don’t still have the tutu, and if I did, I won’t be modelling it for you, however much you are willing to offer me.  What I think she meant, is that I am a joiner, a do-er until I get all of the ‘stuff’ (insert mental image here of me with tutu).  And then I give it all up, because I’ve got what I wanted, the ‘stuff’!

I like to think I’ve changed, but as we know, Mums are never wrong.

Family, including my many animals (of which Chester Bunnynuts was one of my first) – music and, of course, crafting – are my passions in life.  Imagine what heaven to combine the three – I’m thinking could I crochet a cat papoose with an integral MP3 player, to carry my black rescue cats Ella and Sir Patrick around the house whilst listening to some top tunes?  Alright, scrub that idea, I’ll work on it.

I do hope you enjoy my little bloglet.  Perhaps this introduction goes someway to explain my thinking when designing my random knitting, sewing and crocheting loveliness.

Geek on, crafters!


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