Super-Quick Update

Just a very quick update – I’ve had a lovely but rather manic couple of weeks – it has been extremely mentally and physically taxing!

Work has been rather manic (as usual) but I’ve also had my brother coming over a lot to help in the garden – we’ve done a fantastic amount of sorting out and now I just have to put the fence panels back up.  They blew down last Spring in the heavy gales we had, but all of the neighbours have since become more friendly and we just pop over to each other’s back gardens.

I know they do need to go back up, but I will miss the easy familiarity it has bred in us!




I’m not sure if this mental and physical taxation has contributed to it, but I’ve been turning in earlier and earlier every night – this is not normal for a night owl like me…  I can barely last past 9pm most evenings!

I have some more exciting news which I will share in a few days, together with some funny stories and lots and lots of crafty things hopefully, all being well…

Happy crafting!


Lou x