Wiltshire and Somerset Travels

I am very lucky to live in the beautiful county of Wiltshire.  Within a few minutes of my home is beautiful countryside – heading north, the beautiful Bradford-on-Avon and the spectacular Roman city of Bath.  Heading south there is the world-renowned Stonehenge and Salisbury, dating back to the iron age.

To the west, my best-loved town, Frome (OK so it is technically in Somerset!), with its arts and crafts and to the east the even more magical stone circle of Avebury and the up-market Marlborough.

This weekend has been a wash-out so far (typical British weather!) so I have been limited to a quick trip to Frome.  Visiting Mary Kilvert’s fabulous shop I bought a few goodies (can’t spoil the surprise on those by posting piccies!) and enjoyed my chat with her very friendly and helpful staff.  I also visited a little Italian cafe called Paccamora opposite Mary’s shop, which was full of character, and the tea’s not bad either…

I also just happened to, ahem, pop into Marmalade Yarns, which is fast becoming my go-to yarn shop.  Maxine very kindly offered knitting advice, and I got a sneak peek of her latest ideas for the next window display.  I treated myself (quelle surprise!) to some lovely yarn – some for more makes for my forthcoming Etsy shop, some to make a fancy scarf for Anna, and a bit of beautiful lace to perhaps make myself a wrap or shawl.

My camera has given up the ghost so I have no piccies sadly, but have now treated myself to a new one – yay!  So that means I will have to go back.  And, perhaps, buy some more yarn?

Despite the current inclement weather, over the last week or so, I had time for a couple of trips to one of my favourite local destinations – The Courts Garden in Holt – a National Trust venue.


IMG_20150521_154100 IMG_20150521_153929






The borders were jam-packed with beautiful specimens – unfortunately I only had an hour to walk around so i didn’t get to enjoy it fully.  The pond is my place of solace and reflection (well, not in it, you understand!)…

Another day I met up at the local Country Park, for a long walk in the sunshine, with my friend Anna and her little boy Mikey, amiably and ably assisted by their bonkers dog, Dave (known to me as Dave-a-roo).


IMG_20150529_152432 IMG_20150529_152514



As you can see Mikey is incredibly photogenic.  Dave, on the other hand, is a Rottweiler in a Chihuahua body whilst out and about.  I have promised him that I will never reveal his secret.  When at home he is known to me as Shaky Dave – he literally quivers at the slightest approach of my cat Ella or anyone else.

Oops Dave – sorry – the secret is out…

Happy weekend all!


Lou x


Wonderful weekend ahead!

Afternoon all!

My plans for the Devon Fair were sadly scuppered by the weather – there was a massive storm and unfortunately people were not brave enough to venture out.  Huge thanks to my friend Anna’s Mum for trying on our behalf…

There are two seismic events happening this week – I’m surprised the lay lines found across Wiltshire have not caused a massive conduction of energy through me as yet (I’m very sleepy, so I’m pretty sure they haven’t)…

Firstly I have the first ‘big’ Craft / Christmas Fair this weekend – in the beautiful town of Marlborough – it is quite a drive from home but I hope it will be worth it!  I haven’t booked with this particular company before, so I’m not sure what to expect (hopefully brilliance!)

Secondly my Mum is coming to visit (da da daaaaah!) – partly to help me at the Craft Fair but also to help with some DIY / Spring cleaning (can we call it Spring cleaning in Autumn?) – and she has made some lovely new products for me to sell, so I will post an update as soon as I can with some piccies!

I’ve been working hard on my best-selling (and favourite) Christmas puds – they are just the right size to pop over a Ferrero Rocher (other chocolate brands are available) – and every year I sell out of them.

Different Audiences, Different Stock!

Following the dreaded lurgy I have been suffering with recently, I have not had enough time to make a huge supply of these, but hopefully I can make some more ready for Saturday.  I then have two other sales to come so have plenty more things to make up and finish, I do wish I could work full-time and spend more time crafting!!

Right, I’m off to frantically tidy up prior to my visit from Mum!

Happy crafting


Lou x