Poppies and Lace – an Odyssey!

Just in time for this week’s hotly anticipated (ha!) heatwave – I have some time off and am going on a little jaunt with my family.

It’s the first time that Mum, Dad, my brother Alex and I have holidayed together in at least 25 years (and no, I’m not revealing my age!)

I’ll give you a few clues as to where we may be going…  Firstly from Mum’s garden…


Secondly, I expect to be drinking this (in moderation, mesdames et monsieurs!)


And thirdly, we shall be staying within a stone’s throw of this beautiful piece of work…


Answers on a postcard, please to:-

Lou (AKA Chester Bunnynuts)
C/O Bayeux
La Belle France!

Apart from the lovely markets and the Bayeux Tapestry itself, our trip is as a homage to my uncle, Bill Vernon, who fought in Normandy and helped liberate many of the villages around where we are staying.

I hope to be posting some poignant and interesting photos with help from my brother, who should have been a military historian, such is the breadth and depth of his knowledge of, in particular, the two World Wars (although he seems to know a great deal about most historical conflicts).

Needless to say I will be taking a few projects with me…  More on that later!


Happy crafting!

Lou x


Bamboo Envy

It’s not even that hot yet and I’m exhausted with the weather!

Just had a little jaunt down to my parents’ house in Sussex.  The climate there is always a little warmer, less rainy and more pleasant than where I live in Wiltshire.

Mum and Dad’s garden is always a treat to behold.  Even to a novice gardener such as myself, I can appreciate the beauty in nature in so many places.   Here are just a few of the treats I have enjoyed on this visit.


Their poppies are out in force – this is such a wonderful flower, with such strong links to us Brits, every year but especially in the last year with the centennial of the start of World War I and the wonderful poppy installation at the Tower of London (which sadly I didn’t get a chance to see).

Their roses are amazing – Mum buys the heavily scented old-style roses – she is very keen on giving the bees something to get excited about, as well as tantalising our noses with their rich nectar.  The one on the left is an usual one as it is a double rose with a heavy scent, which the bees love – most double varieties I tend to avoid as they are usually over-bred for looks but with no oomph!  This is definite exception to the rule, what a show it makes!

GetAttachment (9) GetAttachment (10)

The next is one of my favourite parts of the garden, with beautiful blue campanula and pinks (carnations) in purple and, erm pink!

GetAttachment (11)

Next is a type of wallflower which I’ve been lucky enough to get a cutting of and is growing well in my garden.  It is so pretty, it livens up the borders…

GetAttachment (14)

The hanging baskets also look spectacular, such a gorgeous combination of verbena, fuchsia and petunias.

IMG_20150628_171358 GetAttachment (15)

And finally, my real envy of their garden – black stemmed bamboo – nothing like as invasive as the other varieties.  It also provides good cover (which I need desperately…) and I’m sure I could make some interesting attempts at using the stems – methinks I shall have to ask Mum for another cutting!

GetAttachment (12) GetAttachment (13)

What is giving you delight (or envy!) in your gardens at the moment?

Happy gardening!

Lou x


Busy times!

Apologies for my absence – after my stall in beautiful Bradford-on-Avon I was knocked down by laryngitis and a phone that suddenly shuffled off this mortal coil – taking all of my piccies from the day with it!

But great news from that day – I sold almost all of my crocheted poppies – I’ve got a couple left that are going to a good home, so I will have earnt £20 for the Royal British Legion. 


Kindness and crafting go hand in hand!


I also did very well with my pumpkins and sold all of these at the fair and afterwards the leftovers to my work colleagues, they went down a treat (literally, as they were stuffed with chocolates!)


2014-10-06 18.17.34


I’ve also been asked to supply some goods for a very upmarket Craft Fair in Devon this weekend, my friend’s Mum is running it – so we have both posted off a package of our favourite top-notch products.  Fingers crossed for a good result – I wish I could be there with all of my goodies in person, but it’s several hours away!  Here’s one of my Japanese-style Origami bags which are on their way to luscious Devon!



My friend is making wonderful needle-felted animals – they are so gorgeous and she’s doing a range as brooches and one as Christmas decorations.  I will have to get some photos of them and post on here – she is so talented and she doesn’t even know it.  Bear, badger, fox, reindeer – I want one of all of them!

So just a short update for now – I have another fair mid-November so am still busy making some more bits and bobs!  I wonder what everyone else is working on – is it all Christmassy items?

Happy crafting.


Lou x